Abstract Art Bournemouth


By skilfully uniting daring brushstrokes, intricate textural intricacies, and a captivating array of tones, my art aims to kindle a profound sense of marvel and contemplation within the hearts of all who encounter it.

Radiant Horizon

Medium: Oil, Acrylic and ink on canvas
Dimensions: 20x39 inches
Year: 2023

With a captivating blend of light and dark brown hues, harmonized by the fluidity of oil, acrylic, and ink, this piece conjures a sense of enigmatic skyscrapers rising against the horizon, a testament to abstract vision.

The abstract interplay of light brown backgrounds and dark brown overlays, adorned with the fluidity of oil, acrylic, and ink, casts a spell of urban mystique, leaving the impression of an ephemeral cityscape alive with the essence of skyscrapers.